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ABEDD products create the ideal environments for your animals in which all their psychological, physiological, and ethnological needs are satisfied.

Scientific studies have proven that this leads to reduced stress levels as well as less behavioral abnormalities in the animals.

All ABEDD enrichment products meet the European Union guidelines for humane keeping of animals as laid out in the animal welfare act EU 2010/63 Article 33, Appendix 3 Part A

Our off-the-shelf products include laboratory bedding and enrichment products such as nesting material, gnawing sticks, rodent tunnels and resting platforms. Primate toys are custom made according to our customers’ requirements.

We only process fresh, healthy and decorticated aspen wood (populous tremula) grown in toxicologically free areas – guaranteed!

ABEDD producs are dust free and autoclavable and if requested gamma-irradiated as well.

Our bedding and nesting materials are packaged in special polypropylene bags that are environmental friendly and allow our products to be autocalved even when already packed. It is the geometry we use to chip our bedding that gives it its superior level of absorbency and odour absorption found only in ABEDD.

Rodent tunnels and resting platforms can be cleaned in wash tunnels making them usable for months.

We gladly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. you our latest brochure with specifications on all our products.

Laboratory Bedding
Laboratory bedding - produced in 4 chip sizes – packaging:
polypropylene fabric bags – as standard comes in 53 liter
(approx.. 10kg) to 1,340 liter (approx.. 255kg) units
Nesting Material
The nesting material is supplied in 80 litre (3kg) bags.
Nesting material – comes in 3 different chip breadths – packaging: polypropylene fabric bags à approx. 80 liters (3 kg).
Gnawing Sticks
Products in different dimensions
Packaging: Box appr. 5-6 kg.
Gnawing sticks – produced in different custom sizes - packaging: cartons of approx. 5-6 kg
Rodent Tunnels
Different dimensions for mice and rats
Packaging: Box appr. 5-6 kg.
Rodent tunnels – in custom sizes for mice and rats – packaging: cartons of approx. 5-6 kg
Resting Platforms
Packaging: Box appr. 5-6 kg.
Resting platforms – customized sizes depending on cage type
Climbing Tents
are produces in two different versions
Packaging: Box of 10 pieces
are produces in three different versions
Packaging: Box of 12 pieces, unmixed
Roll-a-treat is an ideal intellectual stimulus with a reward effect
Packaging: Box of 10 pieces
Primate Toys
Primate toys – custom made food puzzles according to customer needs – food puzzles are an ideal intellectual stimulus with a reward effect